Shibboleths #4, #5 and #6, in BCNMés

More Shibboleths, online in BCNMés

Now published online the most recent three articles in English of my series "Shibboleths", in BCNMés, the trilingual monthly magazine published in Barcelona. In "Shibbolets" I reflect on dominant dogmas and clichés of Barcelona and Catalan culture and society. 

For Shibboleths #4, Pedagogically Displeased, I wonder why Catalans educate their children against their own principles. 

In #5, Together, Forever, I reflect on how the happy family culture of Catalan youth clubs makes togetherness so important, irritatingly so. 

The most recent, #6, deals with gastronomic arrogance and its contradictions, in The Mediterranean Diet.

Nuevos artículos online sobre los lugares comunes de Barcelona, en inglés en la revista BCNMés. Sobre la educación, la presión de la unidad social y el dieta mediterránea.

“To every outworn shibboleth…he clung with fanatic tenacity.”

Robert Boothby

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